We oversee local networking, hiring, staffing, capacity building and site selection for projects in Cambodia and Kenya. We ensure quality and timely deliverables, within project budgets. We facilitate communication between stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle, to ensure max impact is achieved throughout the project duration.

Project Examples: SWAP, Duke WaSH-AID, Sanivation

Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting

We aid in the design and implementation of feasibility studies, surveys and technology performance experiments. We develop experimental methodologies and tools used for data collection. We compile and analyze results, pulling out lessons learned from the data, to publish in progress reports, sector wide publications and peer reviewed academic journals.

Project Examples: SWAP, Duke WaSH-AID, Sanivation

Business Development

We support local businesses expanding into the sanitation, fecal sludge, and solid waste space. This takes a variety of forms, but can include improving company strategy and documentation, professionalizing service provision, incorporating digital tools like mobile apps, and capacity building in WaSH, local regulations, and health and safety.

Project Examples: Excluder, A Practical Guide to Available Pit-Emptying Technologies

Sanitation Technology Advising

We know sanitation technologies from containment facilities up to reuse products from fecal sludge. We advise households, institutions, utilities, and private sanitation service providers on technology selection and evaluation, we help in testing system performance, and advise on maintenance and upgrades.

Project Examples: Opero Services


We co-create in the design, prototyping, installation and field-testing of new sanitation technologies. Our staff have unique experience with the challenges of implementing new WaSH technologies and can help optimize resources to test products in your target market.

Project Examples: Crane Engineering, Excluder