Transforming Sanitation. Sustainably.

By developing creative solutions in non-sewered sanitation technology and service provision.


We support Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) project management, local partnerships, business development, research and development, technology selection, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


Product Development

We lead ideation, prototyping, testing, and commercialization of non-sewered sanitation technologies.

You will find us all over the world

Triangle Environmental’s headquarters are in North Carolina, USA, with two satellite locations in Kenya and Cambodia. We have worked on projects in over 13 countries.

What People Are Saying

Dr. Brian Stoner

Director and Principal Investigator, Duke University Center for WaSH-AID

“We have worked with Triangle Environmental since their inception, and many of their key personnel for almost a decade.  They possess a rare combination of product R&D skills and practical, in-field experience to support a variety of partners in deploying WaSH solutions globally.”

April Richards

EPA SBIR Program Manager

“EPA’s SBIR Program supports innovative companies that are developing technologies in areas important to EPA’s mission of protecting human health and the environment such as onsite water reuse.”

Meloney Lindberg

Country Representative, Cambodia, The Asia Foundation

“TE partnered with The Asia Foundation to work on a solid waste management project in Cambodia. Our observation is that TE is staffed with insightful technical experts and adept project managers with the unique capacity to drive large projects and programs while maintaining a flexible approach when necessary, based on the needs of partners and project stakeholders. As an institution with deep local knowledge and appreciation for the country framework, the Foundation was impressed with TE’s ability to align its working style to the local context.”

Jim Lane

Technical Lead FSM Design Engineer, Kenya, Sanivation

“TE has supported Sanivation trialing and testing our own new, innovative sanitation technologies for years, empowering Sanivation to remain leading sanitation experts for secondary cities in East Africa. TE connects Sanivation to world renowned research institutions, increasing our resources and enabling us to test universities’ cutting-edge technologies, to ensure Sanivation is at the forefront of sanitation. Sanivation is a long-term partner with TE; we love working with them, and we hope this partnership will continue for many more years to come!”

Featured Partners, Clients and Funders


EPA’s 2021 Outstanding Accomplishments by a HUBZone Contractor


This Award exemplifies the best attributes of a business attempting to enter America’s economic mainstream. Triangle Environmental received the award for exemplifying true dedication to promoting collaboration and continued research despite the COVID-19 pandemic on our EPA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II award. 

2022 Rise Challenge Winner


In the U.S. alone, more than 45% of the population lives in areas vulnerable to sea level rise, leaving them at risk of shoreline erosion, flooding and storms. Out of 80 applicants, Triangle Environmental was one of four companies selected and recognized in the RISE Resilience business challenge for rural coastal communities. With this award, Triangle Environmental will pilot our compact, modular wastewater treatment system for non-potable reuse of household greywater, helping make households more resilient against climate impacts.


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