Founder and Principal

Durham, North Carolina
North Carolina native, Tate Rogers leads business development and transitioning non-sewered sanitation technologies from ideation through to commercialization. Outside of work, Tate enjoys concerts, travelling and facilitating Toilet Tuesday for collaboration in the WaSH sector.

Projects: Excluder, Duke WASH-AID, Crane Engineering, SWAP

Aaron Forbis-Stokes, PhD.

Research and Development Manager

Durham, North Carolina
Aaron Forbis-Stokes collaborates in and leads multi-disciplinary research and product development for WaSH technologies. Aaron’s hands-on approach and global experience implementing sanitation technologies helps catalyze new product development, like our EPA funded technologies. For fun, Aaron enjoys cycling and adventuring outdoors.

Projects: Crane Engineering


Jenelle Van Eynde

Operations and Finance Manager and Project Manager

Since 2007, Jenelle Van Eynde has been providing project management, desk research, strategic support, event management and facilitation, high-level executive support, and pipeline management oversight. Jenelle enjoys volunteering, finding the latest happy hour, and HIIT workouts.

Projects: SWAP

Sarah Hennessy

WaSH Lead

Nairobi, Kenya
Sarah Hennessy’s international experience living in Sub-Saharan Africa working with researchers, developers, and local sanitation businesses provides her with a unique lens for implementing sanitation solutions. Sarah’s expertise includes field-testing, monitoring and evaluating system performance, and capacity building. For fun, Sarah enjoys hiking, camping and playing Spikeball.

Projects: Excluder, Sanivation, Opero Services

Marielle DuToit, PhD.

Research Scientist

Durham, North Carolina
Marielle DuToit conducts research and coordinates experiments for various projects at TE. Her doctoral background in electrochemical processes and membrane filtration now supports her current focus on developing novel solutions for wastewater treatment and resource recovery. Outside of the lab, she enjoys playing music in a local band, reading novels, and spending time in the sun.


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