Effective sewage sanitation with low CO2 footprint. Second Int. Faecal Sludge Manag. Conf. 2012.

Is there a Business Case for Mechanical Emptying of Pit Latrines?

Mobile Treatment Unit for Septage Emptying and Safe Disposal in Dindigul, India

The Anaerobic Digestion Pasteurization Latrine: Operation in 3 Countries and Looking Ahead

Washing vs. Wiping: Lessons Learned from Field Testing an Onsite Blackwater Treatment System

Emerging Sanitation Technologies – What is on the Horizon?



A Practical Guide to Available Pit-Emptying Technologies

Global Data: Classification and Quantification of the Needs for Emptying Service Provision in LMICs


Manual Pit Latrine Emptying

A presentation from FSM6 on understanding the global market needs and estimating the scale of need in the onsite sanitation emptying market.

The Excluder

An innovative screen for fecal sludge pumping systems which allow safer emptying service provision for challenging pits.

The Excluder: Enabling Safely Managed Sanitation

Enabling Safely Managed Sanitation: A webinar co-hosted by TE explaining the challenges faced in the emptying market, the Excluder product, and estimating the market for manufacturers of the device.

Waste Tracker: How To (Khmer)

An advertisement for the mobile app TE developed under the USAID SWAP program to increase transparency and accountability in 3 municipalities in Cambodia.


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